Just wondering why?

I am still trying to figure out exactly why this was done.

They had a death wish?

Someone stealing power??

Looks like they were trying to bond the panels ,to me .

Did you see an outlet somewhere that could be used for connecting a generator?

What they probably have is the capability to backfeed one of those panels with a generator. Then they wished the other panel could be powered so they added those jumpers. The 2nd picture shows the left side breakers turned off which would be normal when the generator is not connected. As we all know, this crossover method is just plain wrong.

That is exactly what they did. There is a plug for a generator under the panel which is wired to the breaker on the right side of the right panel, then the left side breaker in the right panel was wired to the right side breaker in the left panel using the Romex wiring.

It must have been a big generator as the home is equipped with two 150 amp panels.:mrgreen::mrgreen:

Homeowners are just smart enough to cause problems!!!

Had more circuits in one panel than they had spaces…so they jumped from one panel to the other…that would be my guess.

lol…see I guessed wrong…should have looked at the image…lol… Dang Homeowners…almost as bad as realtors !

Portable generators are typically less than 8000 watts which can’t even power one A/C unit due to the surge current. When using these you just have to turn off several 240V breakers to keep the large loads off. I have had to use mine several times this year due to storms taking out the power lines a few miles up the road.