Kansas City Certified Master Inspector

I guess that really helps my business, doesn’t it?

I challenge you to post the same thing, with my name and company name, and state my with many years of experience and over 7 years as a CMI, over 9 years as a A+ BBB accredited business, certified radon measurement technician, certified termite inspector, etc. etc.

I would appreciate it greatly. Perhaps one for Dan and Buck also.

Gary … I thought they did that for us back when, but they didn’t have the internet back then.

I guess NACHI will cater to the HI’s who have only posted a handful of times. Us KC guys, with thousands of posts, and years of experience get zilch. And our business goes down…

I hate to sound bitter, but our business here is really poor. Perhaps he is looking for straws in the hay bale.

Gary Nachi does not submit that to the newspaper the CMI does, the form comes in the CMI package quit your B******* coffee your place or mine

Gary your post really bugs me, I have been in the service business for 51 years 18 years as a inspector. I must believe I have done something correct. A Large portion of my business was self employed. You seem to have a problem with the self part, if your business sux try looking at SELF. Self must be doing something wrong quit blaming OP for your lack of business. If your business plan is not working for you change your business plan. You only have that Self guy to blame.

Coffee your place or mine;-)

I am well aware to what it takes. Dozens of inspectors here at $199 to $249 do also; it is all about price. I will not stoop to that level, but they get all of the inspections due to their low price, basic, fluffy reports. I worked for many years in marketing and management in a Fortune 75 company. I know what it takes, but it is different these days due to the poor economy. Price only. It does not make any difference if you are CMI, CPI, BSI or whatever.

It is really tough here. You have to play with the little guys, or starve it seems. Any PR helps anyone, but CMI should serve all CMI’s. All this does is create competition, and to compete, you have to be lower in price. Should not be that way, but articles such as this, creates that type of market.

Gary you truly are a crybaby. NO one but yourself is responsible for the success of your business. Who cares if there are 500 CMI’s in your market area. That should have no effect on your business.

If all you post and think about are how depressing it is for you, then I guess it must be truly depressing for you.

It may be depressing, but it is real.

I have spent over $10,000 in marketing the last two years. Radio shows, thousands of CMI brochures delivered to over 90 REA offices, advertising in high school books and event flyers, church bulletins, paid RE office fees for advertising and presentations, pay high insurance fees for the comfort of home buyers, and all I get in phone calls is “how much”.

My belief is that I have stopped and “ruined” so many RE transactions over the years, in the eyes of REA’s, that I may no longer be suggested to home buyers. That said, getting to the home buyers without REA’s is really tough. Heck, my nephew, who is an attorney, listened to the advise of his REA, used the inspector she suggested. Not me. It is frustrating.

Thank goodness for the top 1% of KC agents who suggest me exclusively. I am making some money, but not many inspections.

My friend I don’t think you are aware of what it takes to be successful in your market and you are not willing to get help from anyone else.

You don’t seem to understand there are lowballers in everyones market including mine I don’t compete with them on price and I make a decent living. I compete with them on my ability to perform a better inspection and provide a better report. You are to biased on your self you refuse to judge your self and what you do and how you do it. You should have a 3rd party (home inspector) not a client accompany you on one of your inspection and hold a cirque. Ask Dan to do it

Dan did the inspection on my new home last year. I wanted to have an outsider do the inspection. He missed a few things that I had to have fixed after I moved in. Some I fixed on my own. Guess I am just picky. Just saying.

Did you attend the inspection and observed how he performed.


I’m done…
You know the old saying about the dead horse Charley.
He obviously doesn’t get it.
Gary wants things to change, but he won’t change things to make it happen.
It’s never his fault. It’s always something else. Gary would be suited visiting some prisoners, they have the same mind set.

Gary I don’t know what to tell you. You think you have it all figured out, but yet you are failing at your business. I know, it’s not you it’s Kansas City. Every agent is a lying no good dirty cheat and Hand Shake Gary is left out in the cold.
I started over 3 months ago. Literally to the day. I have work today, tomorrow and Monday. Our phone is now ringing every single day.
Maybe you just suck, ever consider that?? You don’t even put pictures in your report. What kind of modern home inspector doesn’t do pictures.

We have some of the most professional software on the market, and your still using some crappy word based template from since who knows when. :roll:
Personally I am tired of hearing about it. If everyone else is doing 249.00 inspections, they are making money. You sitting at home making nothing is less than $249.00
We have $199.00 dudes here too. I don’t know who they are personally and I personally don’t care. My one and only goal is to feed my family right now. That is my focus.
OK, done now. I hope you have a fruitful and fulfilling life Gary. :slight_smile:
OK gotta run, I have a $400 home inspection to go do. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes. I attended. There was a period during the time of the inspection and move-in, and with weather changes, things happened. Switches miss-wired, fogged window panels, dead battery on the back-up sump pump, roof leak, garage door button broken, light bulbs out, HVAC thermostat read-out.

Yep, finally got an inspection for Friday. Quoted $100 and got it. Just the roof and the exterior. It will feed me lunch and fill my gas tank at least.

Check out the “most expensive inspector” under the members only marketing section, post 27. Dan explains it well what is going on here.

Maybe you should move?

Gary, email me fastreply@nachi.org a link to any press release you have out there and I’ll drive traffic to it. That’s what this CMI did.