Wow, NACHI is nearly having an event a day these days.


I know you are busy, but the ED event is Feb 25th, not April 15th.

The first time NACHI is presenting state approved continuing education in the home state of the other association!

Concieved, written, developed, pushed, pulled, tested, and state approved by NACHI.

Presented for a measly $25.00 (for NACHI members). The class filled up (50+) in just a few days. With breakfast and lunch included!

Will be presented all over the state and available to all NACHI chapters.

270+ PowerPoint slide show. 50+ page booklet of course notes. Additional handouts.

6 hours of state approved CE credit.

The usual rate, around here, from the other assoications and private CE vendors is between $195.00 and $230.00.

And this is only the first. We have dedicated ourselves to an additional 30 CE hours of courses, all state approved (for those states that require it) coming out this year. And quality, not ‘snorer’ courses.

We just completed (first draft) a 6 hour course on structure. To follow are courses on HVAC, Plumbing and Basic and Advanced inspection technique. More to follow.

How’s that for an announcment?

BTW: I have two or three short presentations for in-chapter CE (like the ‘Top 10 Defects’ PowerPoint) that I would like to have posed on the site for free download. With all the changes, who do I send them to? Maybe create a special area of the board for such downloads.

Wow, Will, that’s quite a list of accomplishments - you guys are rocking!

The Chicago Chapter is one class act. The guys in this group should be proud of what they have accomplished.


You had as much a hand in it as I did. So did:

Russ Myers
Mark Pierotti
Mark Sylvester
Hanz Zigenbeim
Pat Kelly
John Bowman
Greg Bell
Ken Demski
Joel Dunwell
Pat Bolinger
Chris (ol’ green apple face) Morell
Jeff Pope
Russel Ray
Bob Brown
Chuck Belefontaine
My Dad
My Brother
William Thomas Noble
Joe Tedesco
Garry Beaumont
The Chief Janitor

and countless others.

In much more concise verbiage:

NACHI gone nuts.