Kevin O'Malley of HON's open letter about Nathan Thornberry. Posted at his request.

They all could learn a little bedside manner from InterNACHI. Lets face it, InterNACHI provides a lot of products and services for free that vendors formerly sold (especially in the education and marketing areas). Despite that, we’ve been able to keep good working relationships with our industry vendors, assisting them in many ways.

Jim resigned. He was told that his maligning of any NACHI program (calling them gimmicks) would be considered a breach in the COE and he would be kicked out. Nick asked that he resign instead and Jim told him to accept his resignation effective immediately. For some reason, Nick has not changed his status. That was October 10th.

Yep, that’s what Jim told me yesterday. He is still listed in “Find an Inspector”.

I hope he has a great Thanksgiving…

Got that email this morning.

Why do HI’s want to pay for something that is free on the internet? Paying for most all vendor programs are a waste of money. Most all of them want your client’s email, so they can sell that info to others. Caution should be used when using any vendor program that wants an email address.

Because the slide of hand vendor has duped them into believing they are providing a service (of value) for their client, they also duped into believing that these so called free services, which aren’t really free because they have to give up their clients contact info to get them, will help them sell their home inspection service.

sleight of hand.

I believe they keep calling this junk Unique Selling Points (USP) or some such garbage name. Of course once you have 50 people in your market offering the garbage I never understood how they could continue calling it a USP? I suppose snake oil salesmen always find a way to make their junk attractive?:roll:

I can’t believe I missed this thread, but I can believe the topic …LOL, it is actually funny as Mike L posted in here Many of us warned everyone of this type of crap happening (including Nick a on many occasions). Whenever there are certain vendors that pray of the hard work of others (and their clients information) as their source of income at any cost, there will be this type of shenanigans, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

I also agree that it is a travesty that some great people like Jim B ,Joe F,and many others no longer post here (or very infrequently). There is and never was any reason for this to have happened and the powers to be know this very well. Those type of things will not help Nachi at all.


Nick has class.
Jim B. earned his golden chair at the INACHI MB bar.

How true about Jim and Joe, I know of no two other individuals who worked so diligently for the ethical principals of our profession, I sorely miss them both…

Anyway, I believe the home inspection profession is simply continuing to evolve, no doubt Kevin O’Malley has been a big player since its inception.

Unfortunately, the association yearly-dues driven model which required members to purchase continuing education credits that Kevin and A$HI created (and many home inspectors adopted as part of their business model) is slowly being replaced by a vendor driven model who extracts a piece of every inspection conducted. Personally, I’d sooner close my business before I’d give vendors control of my client base… Besides, those of us who made it through the real estate crash and are still in business learned firsthand how to control costs.

The only thing which I can see holding the vendors back at this point is that Realtors still control the vast amount of home inspection clients. For the vendors to win they will have to seduce the real estate profession into dealing directly with them, as opposed to individual home inspection companies… Fortunately, the convergence of almost nation wide home inspector licensing will prevent that catastrophe from ever happening. I suspect the next real estate slowdown will shake out the pretenders.

Thanks for the compliment, Joe B.

I speak with Jim and am happy to report that he is doing well, as am I.

The Thornwidget Debacle taught me a very valuable lesson

It was one that my wife tried pounding into my head for some time, but I could not or would not pay attention to it.

It is really refreshintg to see some of those who doubted the messages of last year finally coming around to the reality of what NACHI had become. Now, the Founder has apparently woken from his coma and is willing to say what he always knew to be true, but for some reason refused to back his longest and staunchest allies.

So Mr O’Malley has his own Recall program. NACHI could have and should have launched one under its logo, and nearly partnered with a firm that provides the service. I have heard time and time again that NACHI was launching its own Recall program, free to members with no strings.

I always questioned the actual value of the service, but to each his own.

Thornwidget screwed the pooch, which had to do with $$. Then NACHI supposedly purchased InspectionWorld or something like that. In the meantime, the only thing that has changed and the only products along this line to emerge is a message board free of never-ending spam and wrong-headed advice from a former vendor out of control.

I guess Casey-O’MAlley didnt sell anything. I dont know what ever became of the ProLab vs Thornberry/InspectorLab/Shane/Bimbo lawsuit. Cannot find anything nywhere. Perhaps it was yet another dose of smoke and mirrors. For those oof you around more than a handful of years, you know of what I speak.

When NACHI had balls, we used to take care of these things on our own. Before the Founder decided to stand up for what was clearly wrong. Hopefully, that has ended. Now it seems that it is appropriate to pick on a long-time rabid supporter of both the FOunder and the Org over nonsense.

Maybe Nick finally admits the error of his ways. Havent seen it yet. Who knows. It’s been a while since I visited here.

For the most part I cannot say I miss it all that much. Was nearly pushed to the grave by a scumbag who once bragged that he would be responsible for my next heart attack.

Silence from Management. Support from Members.

Spoke volumes…

Thanks for returning, after a long absence, to let us know you are doing well and you still feel Nick is a jerk. How nice of you. Feel better now? :roll:

BTW… Nick is still my brother.

Welcome back Joe! Hopefully we will see/read more of/from you. Since the major source of Koolaid has departed the BB has returned to a better, albeit not best, state again.

Nice to hear from you again, Joe!