Key for Realtor Lock Boxes

Does anyone know how I can go about obtaining one of those electric keys for the real estate house boxes so I don’t have to meet the realtor every time to do an inspection?

Generally through the local realtors association. In my area you need to be an associate member of the state and a local association to have access.

Pay some scumbag for one or join some useless organization that just wants your money and get ripped off for one :frowning:

Not a lot of choices for the Lowley home Inspector :frowning:

Better yet make them earn their insane commission and do their job and prepare and open the property.

Although I would do almost anything NOT TO EVEN HAVE THEM AROUND. They are never anything but an incumbrance to the whole process. Like Teats on a Boar, they are.

Not sure where you’re at but this is exactly how we have to do it in North Carolina.

For what its worth this is a valuable tool/service well worth the expense. and will help you in your business. No waiting on the REA’s:)

Where I am they just text us the lockbox codes.

Here too 90% of the time.

You are on the right track, Justin. Getting the key will be worth your time and money. It makes things easier for everyone involved with the inspection.

Every state, and even different associations with-in a state, all have different rules about a home inspections and lock boxes.

Location matters.

need to be mls member pay the fees and pay for use, not possible to obtain one not been member, even they get deactivated every often and they are expansive to replace if lost. not worth the problem.

Since I am now officially retired, I will appear on this message board occasionally to help educate fellow inspectors.

Here in KC, there are initial costs, and monthly fees, and daily updates of the supra keys. You will need a newer version cell phone. Costs will pile up.

Why HI’s do not want REAs on site is a mystery. If you find a defect, you can explain it to the REA and the client right there and then. Yes, I prefer them all to be onsite. What if the utilities are off? Can you prove a defect, and how does a third party not complain that you caused the defect? The HI should be the first to leave, and then have the REA lock up and secure the home: a push of liability onto the REA. The REA should be onsite wherever possible. If not, perhaps a release should be signed. Chime in, Mark Cohen.

I have found loose coins, large dollar bills, drugs, diamonds, guns, all laying around for the taking. If the REA is onsite, report the items to the REA. Any home owner can accuse any HI or REA for stealing. Protect yourself. What if there is a pet or dog in the home? I cannot count the number of times an REA who let me in had to chase a cat that got out. My laugh of the day.

Each area has different requirements or guidelines for who may possess an lock box card. Some allow any affiliate or associate member to have a card while others only allow specific types or segments of the affiliate members to have a card.

In Chicagoland there are six different Boards of Realtors that use key cards. Only one of them allow Home Inspector affiliate members to use cards. If a home inspector uses a card in an adjoining Board they are theoretically breaking the rules and can be charged with unlawful entry.

I have to agree with some of the previous posts. It is great to have the REALTOR there to open the home because they are now responsible. They also get to see your excellent work and become confident that you are the outstanding inspector you hoped to be.

This can lead toward additional referrals.


Congrats on retiring. I thought I would be retired by now but life tends to throw me curve balls a lot in the last 10 years at least. Enjoy it you earned it. I would give my left Nut to retire and be able to live decently with enough money to do some enjoyable activities weekly. Married and a 10 year old, I have to imagine I will be working till I die :frowning: I try Powerball and regular Lottery occasionally but I do not have my Dad’s luck. He was the luckiest guy I know almost to the end which was SUPER UNLUCKY. He did not HAVE to work anymore and really just estimated and socialized with secretaries. All of the sudden Poof you have an incurable type of cancer when caught after they FINALLY figured out what was bothering him, Primary Amyloidosis.

In my area we have not been able to obtain Supra-Keys. That appears to be changing. That being said I’m not sure of the value. About 75% of the houses I inspect have some other lock box there and I get sent the combo. Especially vacant properties. As others have warned you need to take care with occupied properties. You open it you are responsible. Also, if a client is attending I refuse to open the house without the agent there. I use the excuse my insurance prohibits me opening properties for clients without an agent present. Never had a push back. Just use common sense.

Thanks, Michael. Since my wife is retiring also, after 43 years in the food business, we will both have to learn how to live together 24/7. OMG. Maybe I will reopen my business so I can stay away from her once in a while…

:slight_smile: Good Luck. Enjoy each others company :slight_smile:

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Since I am now officially retired, I will appear on this message board occasionally to help educate fellow inspectors.

Enjoy Gary!