Kick-Out Wall Flashing

Here is a free modified photo showing kick-out wall flashing.

Kickout Flashing 3


Thanks Randy!

Nice, but where is the water going to go that gets in between the kickout and the J-channel (above the word kick-out)? Need proper detail diagram for it :slight_smile:


I wondered the same thing, Simon…

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Here is how the manufacturer suggests installing this particular flashing. There is a molded-in channel behind the flange.

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It’s a nice kickout, almost perfect, except the part shown in the pic below. Any water that gets between or in the vinyl jchannel above the word kickout can then find its way behind the siding and the j-chanel at the bottom of the kickout as shown in their installation video:


Thanks again, Randy. :slight_smile:

while i can agree Randy normally does some great graphics
i don’t use his, nachi or others to explain my narratives
mfr can suggest anything
there’s stuff touted & sold that will grow me some hair back, make me have huger muscles & a bigger c%&k…i ain’t buying it
i’ll stick with all kick out flashings should go under step flashing, wrb, siding, underlayment and shingle materials

provided so noobs know how these components should be installed