Kickout flashing for vinyl siding?

Do you call out the absence of kickout flashing for vinyl siding?

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Good question - just saw this on a condo unit yesterday - concrete block covered with vinyl. The vinyl is warping and coming loose. I told my client to bring it to the HOA board, but did not put it in the report. On a Single Family Home I would. Why wouldn’t you? It is a requirement in building codes…

I report on the (lack of) kickout flashing for all siding types. Actual verbage varies with each individual circumstance.

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I also refer my clients and their contractors to:

For sure.
Especially vinyl siding. It is installed in a J-channel on the roof that acts just like a gutter system and sends all the water down to behind the siding at the eave of the roof.
We have no way of knowing most of the time if there is a WRB, and if OSB was used for sheathing, it won’t take long to see some damage.
Like Jeff mentioned, I call it out on most all siding. :):smiley:

Thanks guys. I have been writing it up as well. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t the Lone Ranger.

Yes and here’s a good example why. This is a friend’s house and they were having a patio cover installed. When the siding was removed to attach cover to the house, they found water damage. When removing the siding to investigate, it got worse as they went down. The OSB is gone near the bottom and you can see the back side of the fireplace:shock:

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Nice pictures Robert. Exactly what I was talking about in my post above. No WRB. Voilla!:):smiley:

The same thing happens under windows.I’ve seen 1st floor windows and doors leaking at the header. Water was coming from windows above. The J channel needs to be flashed onto the next course of siding. I was looking for a picture from the early 90s. I will find it and post it .I put it in a place not to loose Hmmmm

Great picture.

You mean like this;




Marcel that looks like it. I see windows taped to wrap. But not many think like a raindrop. Exterior weatherproofing used to be my passion. Guess I’m a little twisted. LOL

Same principal applies to other types of siding Curtis and there is nothing wrong with thinking like a raindrop. :mrgreen:

A good friend of mine actually taught me that. His name is Bad Stucco Mr. Brown I believe from Kansas. ;):slight_smile:

Page 26. says a diverter is ok

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Absolutely I call out missing kick-out flashing. The damages from not having kick-out flashing may not rear it’s ugly head for years. It is an inexpensive flashing item that should be installed. I usually recommend they be installed by a licensed roofer, and also recommend a licensed builder evaluate the areas below for any hidden damages. As a Home Inspector in the Hilton Head SC area, over years of inspecting I have seen damages caused by the lack of kick-out flashing. It has been a long haul, but builders/roofers are finally catching on.
John M. Wickline
JW Home Inspections, Inc.
Hilton Head, SC

In today’s tradesmen views, I curtainly try to have the mindset that I am dealing with a contractor or trades person that is giving me correct information when it comes to renovating the 1912 house I purchased. Of course, when something comes into question I research all possible databases and articles to find the supporting information based on what was given as an explication to a question I had upon inspecting the so called finished job. My happy old house requires several exterior systems to be renovated to address potential structural failure due to water (of any kind) penatration. Long story short, I began with the roof. I had plenty of questions with the completed product. One particular issue that they addressed looks like this ( see image attached ). I was told that kick out flashing only needs to be one inch high. I don’t think that the person understood the information pertaining to flashing because the only 1" measurement I found in some articles states it needs to be 1" higher than the step flashing.
Can anyone direct me to publications where there are illustrations that includes measurements? I see a lot without but I think this company needs things to be spelled out for them. (Canadian from snowy Alberta)

P.S. the image seems to be sideways. The kickout is the thing beside my electrical mast pipe. Please tell me how wonderful this looks!
I would be absolutely thrilled for any feedback!
M. Danica Ban

…Procol Harum says, 'The devil came from Kansas!!!" rut ro

Where has Mr Carl been? got milk?

I don’t see anything close to “Kick Out Flashing” on this garage roof overhang? I don’t think this met the current code in 2019?

Most builders do not no how to properly install vinyl siding. There are ways to divert the water out from behind the siding without a kick out flashing I put aluminum flashing behind the j channel and then on top of the course of siding below the drip edge water runs on top of the flashing and comes out through the weep holes in the siding below the drip edge You can also do the same technic under windows. Water gets in then it comes out. Vinyl siding is not waterproof if the house leaks water before you install the siding it will leak after the siding is installed.