Kick out flashing

Does anyone have some good illustrations or photos of kick out flashing properly installed where a roof meets the wall? I need a photo or illustration of kick out flashing with vinyl siding & J channel, and wood siding,

Don’t have exactly what you described, this might help.


Also, kick-out is generally not needed/required with vinyl siding.



I’m glad you guys posted those pics.
I’ve tried to explain it to clients.
Those real pics will come in handy.

Roy L.

How do the keep water from going behind? I see this detail at times and there at the bottom the shingles and step flashing stop on the backside of the J channel.

There is additional flashing .

Page 25

There is a NACHI article on this subject. Print if off, give it out free.

Too often see that plastic scoop thingy.(as an example)
Real kick out flashing (meaning what is used) is bent metal flashing that is fabricated on site and not that Hollywood version.

Got a clever way of confirming that other flashing?:slight_smile:

You could use your Zircon.
Why bother. (look at pics in post #7)

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Vinyl siding is the worst culprit for allowing water intrusion behind it.
Secondary defense is the WRB, but sometimes that is left out also.

Two examples are given on Troy’s link, read it. :):smiley:
Scrolldown a little for Bob’s made on site stuff:
Sto 2.62b - Field Fabrication of Diverter Flashing]($file/2.62b+Page+Layout+b%26w.pdf)