Kissimmee Mold/Thermal Imaging

Hey guys, I am posted this in the members only section as well, but thought I would put it here also, because it is Florida specific. I also put this on the Florida Inspectors Facebook group, but that hasn’t gotten much action, so just wanted to put it on here to see.

Anyone do mold and or thermal imaging near Kissimmee? Boggy Creek area. Former client of mine has a house there that had an AC leak and wants to know if there are any more issues. I don’t do mold or thermal, and it’s a bit far for me to go there anyway. Private message, email, or call and I’ll get you guys in touch with each other. Thanks.

You can do it yourself and make some money doing it.
Just pick up one of these infrared cameras and give Infrared Bob a call for some easy learning tips. You’ll be making “discoveries” immediately that will help you find that mold.
I think the camera has a “mold finder” button. Ask Bob.

No thanks. I’d rather sub it out, until I can afford a real camera with real training.