Need SE Florida Mold Pro

My Dr.'s Nurse needs the best. Brand new construction and mold everywhere.

Please either email me privately at or post here who you think is the best in the area. This will likely go to court due to extent of mold" at least from what I heard"

I told her step 1 is to find the best mold inspector in the area to let her know what she has and what MAY be the potential cause/causes. If you can highly recomend someone or company pleaese do and let me know why you think they are the best. She is a great nurse and has taken good care of me wso I wish to do the same for her.

Are those who do the labwork themselves the best?? I do not know please share any knowledge with me ifyou can.

Thanks in advance,

look up dr gary rosen. he’s the foremost mold expert in town. dont fall prey to one of the newly licensed guys

Thanks. Do you have a number handy? Do you think he is a ball buster that will go to court?

Google him. I think he goes to court for $

Mold FreeMike you heard him speak about contaminated drywall in Melbourne when we were all there a couple years ago at the Board of Realtors office.

Just curious…wouldn’t you need to identify the source first.

Huh? that is why I am looking for a mold inspector for her. I do not understand your statement?