Wanted South Florida Mold Inspector

Hello I have a 2/3 in Boca Raton that looks like it has mold in the a/c vents. If you are interested Please send me a price and describe what you will do and how long it will take to get the results. Good possibility of future work if your prices are good. You would be working for me and not the homeowner. I plan on making a profit for providing this service also. Please include all of your contact information as well. T If you are not interested and know of someone who might be I would love that info as well. Thanks.

I am writing this report today and would like to have someone on board to do the work if the client wants it. I plan on reccomending a mold inspection and I think the client will want it.

Michael, you may want to check here for subs for environmental issues.

Most can get E&O for mold, chinese drywall, etc.

We sub out to dozens of home inspectors in Orlando, Cape Coral, Ft Myers, Marco Island, Naples but only go to the East Coast for big jobs.

Doug Wall, CIE

Thanks i will check them out. I appreciate the info.

Well after all of the people beating down my door I think I will starting doing the inspections myself. I guess that is the next course I am going to take. Does anyone know what is going on with the Mold inspector licenses. Am I going to have to get one of those also and pay every year for that to and do continuing ed for that also. All the licenses the state is going to make me have just to keep doing what I want to do should put Florida in the black just on my fees alone. Attention all government officials: Stay the heck out of my business and my pockets. I will spend all my time paying fees and doing continuing ed To stay current as a G.C. , Home Inspector and Mold Inspector.:frowning: