kitchen exhaust/AC return

In the attached photo the ceiling cover on the left of the range hood is the AC return and the vent on the right is the kitchen hood exhaust. This is an architect/project manager who was obviously more concerned with appearance than code, functionality and safety. Just thought I would share.

How dumb can they be?

Bob, you would not believe the things I have found in this apartment. What do you know about heat detectors? This apartment had heat detectors installed in lieu of smoke detectors. I don’t think they are a replacement for a smoke detector but instead should be used as supplement to a fire protection system, installed in areas where smoke detectors are not recommended, i.e. kitchens, boiler rooms.

Something in the highlighted seems amiss to me. Does the pictured hood have its own internal exhaust fan.

The HVAC return in that location is abolutely ludicrous!

“You can lead people to knowledge but you can’t make them think!”… B. MacNeish

Not sure what your codes are but that glossy faux stucco finish is enough to worry me.
I also ask about the exhaust vent.
Usually they if not vented outside will vent out that center grill.
“How strange”, and was there a charcoal filter?

The hood does indeed have its own exhaust fan. The corrugated metal duct (wrong application also) runs vertically through the stainless steel hood “chimney” and vents out through the grill at the ceiling.

And Bob, yes it did have a filter.

Not much you can say about the range hood other than let them know to change the “Charcoal filter” periodically however the return should be relocated.
Easy to figure why they used gloss eh.

Those filters are useless and in fact many appliance manufactures recommend replacement of charcoal after 6 hours of use.

I was going to say that the charcoal filters are usually used up after 10-14 days of intermittent use…the biggest scam going!!

Tell them to get the range hood vented to the exterior with smooth, sealed metal ducting!!

Not always possible and the window screen type filters that come with them do nothing.
Try and knock holes in walls in a high rise condo Brian.