Kitchen Island recptacles

No countertop outlets are allowed to be installed face-up in the horizontal surface. This is posted on the Internachi course but I wanna be clear of it. So I have one in my home so yes I went a measured it and looked at it. But what I really want to know does It matter if the outlet has to be vertical or horizonal? Does It even matter? Mine is horizonal which had me question it.

Orientation doesn’t matter as long as they don’t face up on the counter surface and they are GFCI, as far as I know.


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It’s not a GCFI but there is one located in the kitchen itself.

Think about it. WHY do you think this is an issue?
Once you figure out the “Why’s” of something, it will make your inspector life so much easier!


Is your countertop outlet slaved to the one GFCI? Trip the GFCI and see if your countertop outlet is still hot.

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I’m not an Inspector I just started taking the course and the electrical part of it seems to be the most hardest to understand due to the bad course layout . Just my opinion.

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Really? This is what you think this thread is about?


For the Canadian guys.Should be 20 amp on any kitchen receptacle in a newer home, island or not. Not sure what year the change was made but it’s when split circuits were eliminated. GFCI only required on the island circuit if there’s water contained in the island.



There you have it… It would help if you included a picture of what you have in your home that has you puzzled.

Face up means having it installed on the countertop “looking up” vs mounted on the side.