Knee wall header

What is your take on this header for this knee wall supporting floor joists? The top plate runs through the opening and 2x6 are attached to the outside. Thanks

DSC04722 (Small).JPG

A box beam effect…looks fine.

Any movement?

No it looked fine to me as well. I just wanted to confirm and Thank you very much.

Looks like the Rum Runner did that himself. :wink:

Headers are built-up dimensional lumber assemblies used as horizontal beams to support loads from wall. roof, and floor areas above window and door openings. Headers are usually made as paire d 2x lumber members and supported on each end by jack studs providing a minimum of 1-1/2" bearing support on each end.

This header design does not meet the building standards of the industry for a bearing wall floor support.

Hope this helps.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

It’s unconventional, that is, amateur workmanship. The 2X6’s on edge are simply hanging on nails, they should go under the plate, then the vertical support goes under each end and rests on the bottom plate. The nails should simply hold the pieces in position.

John Kogel

Ok, thanks everyone. I appreciate it.

By that do you mean a beam made up of those boxes?

No way to evaluate the header without knowing the spans of the joists it’s carrying, what’s being carried above, and the species and grade of lumber used for the header. It looks like the header spans about 40 inches, which may or may not be within the capabilities of the 2-2x6’s. Dpends on the loads.