Support for Headers

In this photo, should there not be jack studs under all sides of these headers/window openings? It appears that part of the headers are only toe nailed into the King studs…???

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Non bearing walls sometimes not required. large headers sometimes require double jacks next to king studs

I can’t think of too many instances where a trimmer would not be required, unless a building had some brackets that were engineered/approved…

Not sure why a non bearing wall would have a header in it… unless for backing. If it were a structural beam or header… that wall or at least that section of wall would be bearing.

… much of the time if an opening is 72" and over it will receive double trimmers. I’ve had to do this on 60" openings as well. Depends on the approved plans.
Simpson straps may be placed starting at cripples above, on beam and to trimmers below… most openings are engineered now anyway. We generally don’t have access or need for plans on finished homes. New construction is a different story. The framing detail of plans should indicate the method of approved construction… Hold downs on corners, single or double trimmers, size of plate bolts and washers etc.

Trimmers or jacks can end up missing at times because of a replacement of window or door and the installer “needed a little more room”.

One can fore go jacks when bolts or proper straps are used, while such a configuration is unusual it is acceptable at times, especially remods where handicap entrances are an issue. (With the baby boom generation retiring yet desiring to stay in there home… there is a niche in the market for same… I am presently doing them)



If the header was supported a load bearing wall than toe nailing would not be sufficient. Minimum 1-1/2" bearing is required. This can be done by having the stud underneath or with the use of a hanger. However, I have never seen the use of a hanger in this situation.

I’ve used this type before: