Knob and tube wiring

My inspector yesterday showed me that the house I want to buy has K&T wiring. It has been painted over in the basement and there is newer wiring for kitchen and other areas but some k&t is still in use. He said it was safe. Is it ok to be painted over and working…also can I plug a three prong adaptor into a 2 prong outlet for use with a modern tv without burning the house down? I have 8 days left to decide to buy or not…

Truthfully my personal opinion I would replace all k&p wiring. I wouldn’t trust any expensive tv or appliance with it. If it’s only in basement it shouldn’t be that bad to replace but most k&p wiring runs thru outside walls those. A good reading on it I’d hear.

If it has been painted over, it is now unsafe. Period.

Never, ever, use a three prong adapter in a two prong outlet!

IF you decide to purchase a home with Knob and Tube wiring, have it evaluated by a licensed electrician, and make your Purchase Agreement contingent upon being able to acquire insurance as it is getting more and more difficult to purchase it for homes with K&T.

But the Inspector said it was safe - lol

call a licensed electrician for further evaluation will be my advice.really!

Keep in mind that Knob and Tube wiring in good condition IS NOT a material defect!

Painting the outer sheathing of the K&T has effectively sealed it off from it’s cooling capabilities and created an unsafe condition! THAT is a reportable defect.

The K&T itself, should only be reported that the home contains it, as a separate piece of information.

But when do you ever find it in its original condition and I mean right to the service panel. I have yet to, and 90% of the homes I inspect are old and have insulation over it and or has been spliced in to and normally without a jbox and or covers with insulation over it etc.etc. You know what I mean JJ :wink:

if I wouldn’t want it in my house I wouldn’t want it in my clients has long since beyond its useful life.

It is in my home. 1890’s Queen Anne Victorian. No longer 100%, closer to 60%, but understanding it is most of the battle with living with it. I have upgraded circuits were I need them. Very rarely do I even think about it… except at Christmas time. Thank G-d for LED’s! :wink:

Rip the crap out and do it correctly! Time Bomb !

And abstinence used to be the only birth control;) time to upgrade

Other than you are “afraid” of it… why?

We’ve got it in our Victorian built in 1912.
My insurance agent inspected it before he insured the home. No problem.

Exactly. I’m not destroying my plaster walls or original woodwork or hardwood floors to retrofit because someone on a MB can’t handle the thought of an older design electrical system in their home.

So you are saying K&T is perfectly fine and there is nothing that could go wrong with it compared the newer romex type wiring?
I have seen K&T insulation that was brittle and just ready to fall apart. That is the problem I have with it. They didn’t make wire insulation back then as todays newer products.

Thats the difference from where you live and where we live.

What are you referring to ?

The weather. I have never personally seen the way you explained and I do a lot of old homes and most have K&T.

ALL types of electrical systems age and fail.
ALL types of electrical systems require periodic inspection, maintenance, and repair.
ALL types of electrical systems have their limitations.

What’s your point? Newer materials are easier to maintain? Quit being a lazy biotch! You don’t want to put the required work into your home? Move to a Condo or an Old Fogies home!