Knotched 2x4

The owner knotched this load bearing 2x4 and the shear brace. Then added support to one side of the 2x4 only… Any comments?

picture please



I don’t like this new board in relation to pics----I’d like to see some way of being able to post big picture files again. Anyone else agree?

ditto, maybe we could post a thumbnail and those who can or care to can click it to enlarge to full screen?? or have the option to enlarge x2, x4 or full size. my $100 digital camara can do it, why not here???

I post on other trade boards not related to HI and I actually think the pic posting feature of this board is pretty good…of course, I wasn’t around for the old board…so wtf do I know…

Looks ok from here.:roll: :wink:

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Ditto Charles, I liked the older board for easy posting. But I’m an admitted whiner.

You guys are lucky you can at least provide these little pictures where you can’t see to much, I haven’t figured out how this god darn thing works yet and have been here over two years.

Actually, after seeing my little 3 year old grandson click the mouse and control the cartoon game on the computer yesterday, I might just wait another two years and he probably will show me. ha. ha.

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