Attic Inspection

I performed an inspection today and I found this 2x4 in the attic that was only toe nailed in one corner onto the attic wall and into a truss. I thought it was some handy man repair of something but then I saw the same thing in the second inspection of the day. What is it?

Wow, either you start your inspections really, really early, or you’re one of those 45 minute inspector guys! :stuck_out_tongue:

(You posted this at 8:41am VA. time)! :shock:

I meant yesterday.

Looks like truss bracing installed for stabilization only during construction. Not an issue to me.

Ok I was thinking that as well. Just wanted to make sure. Anyone else think differently? (not that I don’t trust Joe:)

temp bracing as said…

Awesome thanks guys.

From what small amount of detail I can see in the limited views of the photo’s, I would give my WAG as temp bracing, also but don’t quote me on that as I wasn’t there to observe all the intricate details with my own eyes! :wink:

I know Jeff. I did not see any signs that it would be anything else. It was my initial thought but I don’t like to assume.

I suspected that you knew, but I couldn’t pass on the oppourtunity to make a point, so don’t necessarily take this personally…

Way too often we get posts asking for positive identification or analysis based upon a couple of (at best) crappy pic’s. If you were there, in it’s presence, and couldn’t determine, how the heck do you expect us to be able to tell? Sometimes we get lucky and additional pic’s get posted that assist us. Oftentimes the OP just get’s pissy because he doesn’t get the answer’s he’s looking for (sound familiar)???

Bottom line… supply ALL the info and pic’s you have available for the situation being inquired about, UP FRONT. Give us your input as to what YOU think is the issue or correction. You will get a lot more HELP as you will gain some respect by showing others you are actually trying to learn, and not just here for the easy answers like so many seem to be.

I will keep that in mind on my next post.

It wasn’t aimed specifically at you, but isn’t it frustrating reading through all these posts/threads and not gleening enough info to actually discuss or learn anything? Why do you think so many pissing matches go on, and on, and on, and on… :roll:

The key for me in attics is to picture the lumber I question as not being there and asking my self if it seems anything is missing.

Temp framing wood is in many of them.

Good Tip

Agreed Bob, but wouldn’t it be helpful to see a general view of the entire area, as opposed to a small section of board as in the attached pics? Even the second pic doesn’t really add anything to being able to properly comment.

are Jeffrey’s shorts a little too tight today ?

So, you’re saying that this pic supplies you with all the info you need to answer the question? Maybe that’s why so many other inspectors here are always talking about court and E&O and CYA and such. Perhaps learning the process to diagnose a situation properly would be a NachiTV episode that is overdue! I understand David from TN more and more everyday!!!


I think what Jim means is that you are a little to tight and focused in your comments today.
Juan knows I meant a holistic view of the attic that goes beyond our little pic.

Works well in life as well…ah I see says the blind man.:slight_smile:

:DActually Jeff Since I have used temporary bracing like that I recognized it and answered the mans question. And I did mean You were sounding a lot like David Andersen today and I believe He has a patent on Crabby so You’d best be careful about copy rights and such…:smiley:

I am staying out of what is going on here but thanks again guys!