Have seen their ad in the newsletter. Anyone using one. Love it or hate it?

Best tool I own. Get the narrow one. Pier spacings are tough at times.

What did the unit cost?
How long did it take you to get good with it?
Do anything (attached cord, etc.) for retrieval if it gets stuck?


I think he is referring to this:

My mistake, thought he was referring to the remote control vehicle for crawlspaces.

I am working on one of those also there is a thread in the structural inspection part of the forum that shows it under big crawler

I have only done 2 crawls since this arrived. It’s a time and knee saver. Won’t be good for all of them, but I think will work for most. The elbow pads were on backorder, so I am using some old hockey pads…

Id it wrong that their testimonial quote sounds like this guys a home inspector ?