Krawler K1 from

Anyone have one of these?..comments?

I’m interested in the dimensions for comfort and haven’t found that on their site.

…yes, I saw them being played with in the convention photos.

The price sems high for what you get. You could make your own from plywood and some angle material for a lot less than buying one.

They have them at the Canadian Convention .
They had many try them out looked neat and very well made.
Their was a lot of new things I had never seen before will try and post more info in the next few days .

I bought one two weeks ago best investment I made so far. I crawled a 2000 sq ft house and hardly broke a sweat. For myself worth every penny.


Could you email me a pic w/ dimensions or, really, just some measurements would be great including tire size. (whis11 at charter dot net)