Krazy Kenyan gets eff-ed by Libya.

Dopey Obama lets guy who spent 11 days in jail for each person he killed in Lockerbie atrocity go free. Libyans rejoice at Obama stupidity.

**Lockerbie bomber flies home to a hero’s welcome


Libyans surround Megrahi’s car as he leaves the airport.
Scottish flags are waved in the background by his supporters who gave him a heroes welcome

Got to take care of the muslim brotherhood, don’t you know! He did warn Libya not to make a big hero’s welcome in front of the press though, don’t want any negative publicity. :roll::roll: Disgusting! :mad:

ooops I wrote that before I saw your post Michael. Looks like Libya did not listen to Zero after all.

Wow. Obama now controlls the Scottish prisons? :shock:

C’mon Joe.

The guy should not be free, but we didn’t let him out of prison.

LOL well dang it Lets invade Scotland and teach them a lesson

He is really not free. This is an early test of the new “Death Panels”…:roll:

Once upon a time Scottish regiments in kilts with bag pipes playing were known and feared as the “Ladies from Hell”. After today’s performance they are just known as “Ladies”. This is how the U.K. bows and grovels before the radical Muslims.

William Wallace must be turning over in his grave.

That’s true. But Obama didn’t do anything to stop it ether.:frowning:

Well, he did say how disappointed he was just before he went on vacation.