La Sécurité du Domicile des Personnes Âgées

La Sécurité du Domicile des Personnes Âgées

I integrate these (the link) in the appropriate section of my inspection report and clients greatly appreciate them.

Thanks Alysse and Nick


Good stuff!

Merçi encore,

Nick and all, this is **THE WAY **(pardon the caps TOWN CLOWN) to make ALL Québec (and other francophone areas in the world and remember I inspect in the South of France as well) inspectors to gain! GREAT STUFF (pardon me, R.Y.) understand that there is ONLY ONE InterNACHI, wherever you are!



We will see whom the clown is Mr. Larin.:slight_smile:
All the very best.

Did you go to the condo commission inquires for our Montreal and Quebec population?
Gee I invited you and other INACHI members.
Not one taker G.

I even talked to Jean Marc Fournier. I even subjected my pride of my associations and still do with InterNACHI logo.
Unlike the ***maybe it is and maybe it is not ***being what comes out of my lips.;)You do that with your ESOP G.?

See now they see the REAL G in action. Even Islam and my Islamic clients love G.

I am perplexed by you CAPS LOCK CLOWN statement, among other statements, For sure mate!!!
You wish for me to removed my message board signature?
You know the InterNACHI rules G.
I am allowed to assume any name in written text or keyboard character for my message board name.

You know the rules G. Your background education is much greater than but.
Are you sure all 3 of you know what you are going?

When I mentioned TOWN CLOWN, I never mentioned your name ROBERT YOUNG, but if the hat fits…

Respect is earned G.
Are you planting another** racial slur** only at clowns. I thought your xxxxxx dig was felt around the world.
Have you no shame.

Those lovely humorist of jocular nature that bring even the saddest person into a mindset of instant joy of the moment.

They bring the children with there innocent youth to places they carry into old age. G.
The subject of the thread.
Please stay with a theme.

The humor is forever remembered and exchanged to the next generations though culture. G. Culture.

**But also adding a financial benefit **to every town they go through and now Quebec’ circus du soleil preforming in English, French, German, Check and all the wonderful ethnicity it touches.

Yes the clown. Belittling a clown and the elderly now?.

My sir, you are belittling to many.
Now Clowns.

Is there no end to you bottom?

Look what you have done…

Le respect est gagné G.
Est-ce que vous plantez une autre insulte à caractère racial seulement à des clowns. Je pensais que votre xxxxxx fouille a été ressenti dans le monde entier.
N’avez-vous pas honte.

Ceux belle humoriste de nature facétieuse qui apportera encore plus triste personne dans un état ​​d’esprit de joie instantanée du moment.

Ils apportent les enfants avec les jeunes il innocent dans des lieux qu’ils transportent vers la vieillesse. G.
Le sujet de la discussion.
S’il vous plaît restez avec un thème.

L’humour est toujours rappelé et échangé aux générations futures si la culture. G. Culture.

Mais aussi l’ajout d’un avantage financier à toutes les villes qu’ils traversent et maintenant au Québec "cirque du soleil préformage en anglais, français, allemand, Check et tout l’ethnie wounder qu’il touche.

Oui, le clown. Rabaisser un clown et les personnes âgées maintenant?.

Mon monsieur, vous minimisez pour beaucoup.
Maintenant clowns.

N’y at-il pas de fin à vous en bas?

Regardez ce que vous avez fait …

The hat FITS!

In the event HIS head swells, HE can always get a hat stretcher;)…


Again I am perplexed.
I have hats for sport fishing.
Hats for many personal occasions.

But I would never represent several groups wearing many hats.

One hat is good enough for me.:slight_smile:
This way everyone can recognize whom I represent without allegations of **comfits of interest. **

The purchasers of Real Estate Property deserves this IMO.

Why would you ware allot of hats?

Problem is NOT the HAT…

Me think its the HEAD SWELLING!

Correct. The hat.

Pluralized the hat.
IE: It suggests that the person wearing many hats has a lot of different responsibilities and with each change of hat almost becomes a different person.
IE: One who wears many hats refers to any individual who has to take care of two or more **dissimilar tasks **in the ***same work area ***

IE: A brokers/home inspector allowed to act as the consultant on behalf of several home inspection associations with differing CEO, ESOP and standards of inspection practice and protocol.
IE: Three members not one, of one association again with one being a broker speaking on behalf of several home inspection associations with differing CEO, ESOP and standards of inspection practice and protocol.

Yourself lobbing to do this after myself has little bearing on my protest G.
A boater would narrate It does have some ballast though.

In you own lobbing attempt there was no mention of you taking on any other InterNACHI members with you.
The rules have been written as you march along. No transparency.
That is but one observation and protest…:slight_smile:

This is a proud association. Its members lead and example. This is the largest association in North America with states and provinces seeing it beneficial to the purchasers of real estate property and then some…

Très bon article et très pertinent.
L’âge moyen de la population augmente et faire de la prévention fait partie de notre mission.

À lire les commentaires, je crois qu’il y en a un qui se trompe d’auditoire probablement parcequ’il ne sait pas lire les titres ni écrire le français.

Tant pis pour lui!

Merci interNACHI de nous fournir ce nouvel outil en français.

<<Pardonnez-lui car il ne sait pas ce qu’il fait…>> et d’ailleurs, la communauté InterNACHI connaît bien cet iconoclaste.


You want to use French here Gilles and Marc you must also put the English as this is considered proper for your Education level.

Well at least at OUR educational level, we are perfectly fluent in both languages!