InterNACHI® Welcomes Gilles Larin to Our Staff

gilles larin french canadian certified home inspector staff

Watch inspection training videos in French.

InterNACHI® continues to invest in developing French-language educational material for members.

Take the InterNACHI® Online Inspector Exam in French. Commencer L’examen.


Excellent. Welcome Gilles Larin, and nice to see you helping out InterNachi staff.
2016 Member of the Year Gromicko Award Winner.

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I would say congratulations but it would be half hearted.
Lets see what happens.

Next time I am sent a letter by the new InterNACHI staff, to cancel my insurance, I will have a place to air my grievance.
As well, It would be helpful if certain InterNACHI Quebec members stopped pedaling InterNACHI inspectors in Quebec are not qualified to inspect homes in Quebec and that InterNACHI is an American organization on Facebook. AIBQ members peddled this disinformation for years. Now that InterNACHI Quebec absorbed many AIBQ members it would be nice to see this type of rhetoric stop.

Gilles can reply any time.

Awesome, Gilles. :slight_smile:

Welcome Gilles to the InterNACHI staff!

It"s fine Robert. So now I’ve replied.


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Thank you for the reply, G.

Looking forward to InterNACHI members being respectful to one another, G.
It’s the least we can do.
Good luck with all your endeavors.

That is great!

All the best!


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Welcome Gilles!!

Thanks all for your welcome! This move indicates InterNACHI’s resolve to insure that inspectors of the French language have access to their excellent content! «Bravo and MERCI!».



Thanks, Junior! One day I’d like to get your thoughts on moving from B.C. to P.E.I!



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Congratulations Gilles! Good luck!

Congratulations Gilles. I’m sure your contributions will be a big boost to Internachi.

Hi Gilles! :cowboy_hat_face:

Félicitations Gilles. Passe une bonne journée

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Congrats…Good person for your team. All the best…