Ladder reccomendation

This may sound a bit naive, but can anyone provide me with some ideas as to how to best avoid causing damage to a gutter to gain access to a roof? I’ve not damaged any yet (just starting out in Inspections), however, there are times when you have to lean the ladder against the gutter to get up on the roof. I’m just wondering if there is a specific device that can be put on a ladder for safe access to a roof without causing any damage.

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Yes there are horns that can be attached to your ladder. No, I don’t use them.
I recommend you learn to spell recommend, we use that word alot. :stuck_out_tongue:
Better on the gutter than on the edge of shingles, like at gable ends. I don’t know how heavy guys do it.

Loose some weight tubby.

Ok, if you are referring to me as “tubby”. I’m 6’1 and only way 205 lb. My concern with the ladder is that all to often, during my days of construction, I’ve seen aluminum gutters bent slightly inward or scratched after someone has placed their ladder against them. Unless you way a buck fifty or less, there has to be some deflection on the gutters right?


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Something like this could help…

Someone posted a better looking model a while back but I didn’t find that one.

My best tip is to climb always on the gangway side.

Some wrap rags around the ladder rails though .
That would also help insulate your ladder against electric shock .

I have been shocked several times by gutters or downspouts.

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If you mean my shocking persona…:twisted:
That happened during my Telecommunication phase and you would be surprised by the number of bare wires out there.

Sounds like what you are looking for is a stabilizer. It attaches to the top area of the ladder, allowing the two wide extension arms to rest on the roof shingles while keeping the ladder away from the gutters and crushing the drip edges. I have some but rarely use them as mine are a PITB to install and remove. This set looks a lot nicer and simpler to install. If you do not have an account at Graingers you may want to start on. Also start a cash account at Johnstone Wholesale Supply (national company, everywhere). You will then be able to buy tools, many household components, repair items at wholesale prices.
As far as being tubby. Im 6’3" and 200 lbs and some folks here think Im too thin. You sound normal to me.


Just wanted to say thanks for all the helpful advice. I think I will invest in one of those ladder protection devices. I’ve seen something similar at Lowes, however they don’t advertise that device for resting on the shingles. There was one time when I used to do some roofing repairs and tried to rest tip of my ladder (with rubber protected pads on the ends) against the fascia board and of course I started up the ladder and the ladder sunk down in the mulch of the shrubs just enough to slip down and clear the fascia and slam into the side of the house.

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