Ladder gutter damage

Just curious what others do when going on a roof, do you put your ladder up against the gutter. I seen that you should not do this because you could damage the gutter, so curious do others do it or did you buy some kind of accessory to keep the ladder off the gutter and put the weight on the roof.

Up against the gutter.

I find a gutter nail or inside clip and place one leg on or close to it.

I put my ladder up straighter so little pressure on Gutter .
When climbing be slow and careful stay more upright and be sure to tie of your ladder before going onto roof .
13 years it worked for me

Sorry Roy but that is very bad ladder safety.

Thanks for your info but I have managed to do well since November 1951 .
I have spent many hours working from and off ladders .

We are talking about Gutter damage and I did not see you giving any advice on how avoid damaging the gutters.

I expect Char might also have climbed more ladders then you have.

You would be wrong Roy.

Give bad safety advice can hurt people.

I’m glad you and char were not injured.

That does not make you advice useful.

Ladders are one of the most dangerous devices home inspectors use.

I place it at the gutter but in a less conspicuous area. Backyard or garage. Always ladder safety!

If I can see a furral (sp) nail I might place it on the gutter. More often I will place the ladder on the highest wall position to view what I’m after.

Just use a Stand Off attachment for your ladder. I try to not lean up to a gutter unless no other choice.

Never put your ladder on the front of the home. Always pick an area on one side of the home at a point where the gutter looks the strongest. Just be careful and you will not have any problems. I have been climbing on roofs for 20 years and never damaged a gutter.

Great advice.

Never in the front if it can be avoided.

Same here, always go from the side if possible. Personally I only weigh 140lbs, so damaging a gutter has never been an issue. It might be for some. :wink:

I also do as Preston has suggested. Worked until now.


Well darn it i have to agree, spent hours getting ladder safety pounded into me


  • Non-self-supporting ladders, which must lean against a wall or other support, are to be positioned at such an angle that the horizontal distance from the top support to the foot of the ladder is about 1/4 the working length of the ladder. (See Figure 2.)

Standards have to be established based on accidents caused by Ladder useage.
OSHA has come up with this 1/4 angle which = 75.96 degrees to provide optimum safety based on experience factor Countrywide.

Setting a ladder up at a different angle does not mean it is a safety hazard, it depends on the awareness and usage of the user.
Many occasions arise where a ladder is set up at a different angle than the recommended safety setup, but it is all up to the user to determine if in fact it is safe for the intended use at the time.


I place the ladder over a spike, with a towel between the ladder and the gutter. Usually on the side of the house and never have I damaged a gutter.

Had a client kink his own gutter on my ladder once. Think he was hinting at blaming me but he was way fatter and I placed it one a shallow angle for a reason. So beware of homeowners who try to do what you do.

I had a client about a year ago follow me up the 32’ ladder onto a 2 story tile roof in while he was wearing flip flops.

We should very quiet. Next thing you know we will have a homeowner liability policy