Ladder Safety, Awsome Xmas Light Video and a Link To An Unpleasant YouTube Video

Check out this home inspection blog

  • with tips on ladder safety
  • with the best christmas lighting YouTube video I have ever seen. (Trans Siberian Orchestra)
  • With a link to an unpleasant, but educational YouTube video of a man falling off a roof.

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Have you ever fallen from a ladder? Or almost fallen?

You get a + for that one. cool

Thanks John!

Q: Why did the home inspector bring a ladder to the bar?

A: Because He heard the drinks were on the house!

Craig we had one of those hanging last year and I had to do a double take as I was driving past it. Good thing someone installed that gutter right. lol
You know some people would steer away from you if you went on that ridge you are displaying. I would add this is one you should not attempt to walk on.

And hanging by both arms your cell phone is useless

I seen that one on Roy Cookes house a couple years ago. ;):slight_smile:

Thanks Kevin, I didn’t mount that gable end. The ridge capping would have broken to pieces. I’ve seen that youtube clip with a man falling off a roof, too many times not to be cautious and safe, during all my adventures.

I should also mention that I avoid walking on any ridge cap peak and only straddle on either side if possible.

Thanks again Kevin,

I’ve added your straddling tip to the blog post in the photo caption.

Much Much better

Always liked that video.
Trans Siberian is excellent.