To Telesteps users

Be safe out there:

That was me twice last week. I also posted a word of caution. The feet slipped out from underneath me. But looks like this guy just plain missed a step because he wasn’t looking.

If these ladders have no OSHA rating, they probably should’nt be used. NACHI is coming out with an on-line Safety course, which includes ladder types, inspections, set-up, and usage.

The fellow in the video was careless in his setup, deployment, and descent.

The result was an injury. Not the ladder’s fault. This was user stupidity.

I agree with Joe this guy tripped over his own two feet. I have used one of these for over two years with no problem. You do have to pay attention when on a ladder.

That guy fell hard!!

Could have been worse, it could have been done outside where he might have fallen on some concrete.#-o


Some time ago I saw a video clip of an inspector near the top (not the top 3’) of a telescopic ladder and the whole thing just collapsed. Every rung!

It was not a Telesteps or an Xtend N’ Climb model. A copy cat thing - I forget the name.

Hi to all,

Its a good time to remind inspectors to check all their equipment, I get to hear of way too many inspectors getting injured in ladder mishaps these days.

Firstly, if you have a crappy old folding ladder with loose and missing rungs, do the world (and your loved ones) a favor and chuck the bloody thing before it kills you.:twisted: :twisted:

Check that the ladders you own are in good condition and are rated for your middle age spread!! :wink:

If you are using telesteps please go and buy some graphite powder lubricant to “grease it up” I know mine is getting a bit sticky and that leaves the chance that the step locks may not lock.

Remember: " It’s not the fall that kils you…It’s the sudden stop at the end" :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Be safe out there



I was told to use end dust on my aluminum ladder and to me it is the best yes the same stuff momma uses on her furnitures

The NACHI Safety Course covers many topics, and includes an entire section dedicated to ladder safety, including how to inspect them and set them up. The course also covers other topics, including confined spaces, spiders, snakes, and other hazards.

We even included a section on basic first-aid stuff.

In total, it includes 4 Sections, 31 topics, 4 quizzes, 58 questions, and a boatload of photos…

Look for it in comng days. Free and on-line for members. A truly useful and important course for inspectors, which IMO is long overdue.

We risk our lives, every day, for pennies. It’s about time we start thinking about working safely, and stop taking foolish risks.

Let’s be safe and THINK about what we are doing out there!