Lag bolts used as through bolts on a deck

I have inspected a big deck that is about thirty feet high. The contractor has used lag screws as connectors for the joist and beams. These screws go all the way through both metal connector plates but could back out over time. I thought there had to be carriage bolts used with washers and nuts… any help on this would be appreciated. Take a look at the pictures and let me know. I haven’t written the report.

That is funny! I would note the lag screws are not designed for this application and suggest carrier bolts be installed in place of the lag bolts.

Same here, what were they thinking?

LOL, 30 feet high!!! No permits! NO AHJ!!

When you think you have seen it all!

The PICs depict a 6" X 6" post. How did they find a 30’ long 6" X 6" ?


I said the deck was 30 ft tall, but it is in three levels. What the pictures show is the first level and the 6x6 are 12’. There are two more levels above this one all with the same lag screws into the Simpson tie plates and all with the same lag screws and only one nut…the contractor. The builder has since, directed that the screws be replaced with bolts with nuts and washers.

Thanks to everyone for the answers and comments…ya when you think you’ve seen it all.

Russ Napper