Deck connections

It has always been my understanding that deck ledgers cannot be installed over masonry veneers…can anyone confirm?

Other issues I see are improper use of fasteners / joist hangers. Aren’t there holes in the hanger for a reason? Maybe for a NAIL? What’s with the toenailing?

Same deck this time problem with number of and spacing of lags attaching ledger…


John you are correct to call that all out no matter what your city says.
Hangers do need nails in the triangle holes and the brick veneer should not be used for support.

Friggin $850,000 house!

Out of curiosity, how would you write these issues up in your report Kevin?

2009 IRC

R502. Placement of lag screws or bolts in deck ledgers.
The lag screws or bolts shall be placed 2 inches (51 mm)
in from the bottom or top of the deck ledgers and between 2 and
5 inches (51 and 127 mm) in from the ends. The lag screws or
bolts shall be staggered from the top to the bottom along the
horizontal run of the deck ledger.

*Code Commentary: *The on-center spacing of the fasteners is the closest
spacing for the two cases of deck ledger lumber tested
as referenced in the commentary for Section
R502.2.2.1. In deck construction, a joist hanger or angle
connector is commonly installed at the end of the
ledger board to support the deck rim joist. Often these
members are double 2x members (3 inch (76 mm)
nominal width). The spacing of 2 inches to 5 inches (51
mm to 127 mm) from the ends will allow the installer
flexibility to locate the lag screw or bolt so that it does
not interfere with the installation of the joist hanger or
structural connector. Five inches (127 mm) will accommodate
an inverted flange double 2x joist hanger.

R502.2.2.2 Alternate deck ledger connections.
Deck ledger connections not conforming to Table R502.2.2.1 shall be
designed in accordance with accepted engineering practice.
Girders supporting deck joists shall not be supported on deck
ledgers or band joists. Deck ledgers shall not be supported on
stone or masonry veneer.

*Code commentary: *This section clarifies when an engineered design
is required for the deck connections. Deck ledgers or band
joists must not support the girders supporting deck
joists. The deck ledger is prohibited from being supported
by stone or masonry veneer.

Deck is a safety hazard with improper fasteners,attachment,etc.(take at least several issues) then add recommendation for a porch contractor to examine/repair.

Be sure to add “safety hazard” as having those joist pull out will kill people.

Do I see a deck support resting on the retaining wall?

Girders are not supposed to sandwich a pier either.

Bill has you covered!
Remember the less you right the less liability.
Add in the info you find on Ledger attachments to brick veneer, proper spacing according to proper standards and Joist hanger pull out as being a Major Safety Issue.

The picture makes it look like the post is resting on the retaining wall but in fact it is behind the wall on proper concrete footing.

Thanks for your insight gentlemen…

Joe we are not code inspectors remember.
You are over killing a process that most inspectors no all to well.
Decks have the most defects bar none.

Note your observations take photos and build a simple report.

SUSPECT: The flooring joist in the hangers were nailed or fastened improperly.
you can build on the nails used and be as descriptive as you like.
RECOMMEND: Recommend a licensed carpenter.
Recommend fixes if you feel comfortable doing so.
LIMITATIONS: I could not inspect what ever because of what ever.
No access under the deck. Photos taken from the gated door for refuse containers.

Now you start to build your narrative as you gain experiences.
Once you are getting more involved you will start canning narratives for reports.

Then there is Joe.
The final stage of the home inspector saga.
If you wish you apply to become a code inspector in your town, city of YOUR OWN WORLD.