Is this a problem???

Is this a problem NO bolts or lag screws at the corners of the deck? Deck is two years. Should the joist attach at the ledger board or can they run from the band joist, there no supports under joist? I have added a photo of the rear of the house. The rear of house faces East, joists run N&S.

Thanks! In advance for your input.

Joist have hangers, I would right it for lag screws at the posts I would think the post would need to be tied in or braced also Corner bracket where it joins at the house

The rim or band joist should be doubled up to carry the load, bolted or lagged at posts and as Wayne said brackets at corner where it joins at the house. Here are a couple links on deck building for reference.


Thanks!! I use both the documents. Why do contractors build things like this??? I just wanted some suggestions, I deferred the MESS. I hope they get someone that knows what they are looking at.

The single 2x8 may not look like it can do the job, but the spans are very short, and the deck isn’t very wide, so the loads aren’t that great. It’s possible that it’s OK, but I’m not doing the calculations. Is it the best deck I ever saw? Far from it, but it’s also far from the worst. I’d call it a few steps below average. Referring it was the right thing to do…there certainly is some doubt.

Flashing is not visible either…

I see no metal coming from under the siding and out over the band attached to the house.