laptop or PDA?

I agree, the screen’s too small. I got wrinkles and buck teeth from squinting.

For one thing inspectvue is not a standalone application on the handheld…it is an add-on for their PC version. You need their PC version to use the handheld software…same for 3D and HomeGauge. They are add-ons for their PC software. We have the biggest franchise oranization using a version of our software as well as the biggest school in the country has used a version of it.

There are thousands of inspections done with our software every day with a majority of them created on site so I think I am very confident on my “spouting” as you call it. I know our solution is not for everybody and I am not trying to convince you to change. I just don’t want you giving advise that “PDAs suck” without having a counter argument that they really don’t and it is a matter of opinion and each inspector should make his own decision…especially the new inspectors that need help in their business and would like to be as efficient as possible in this tough market.

Jeff Knight
Hudson, WI
Knights Software Solutions, Inc.
“Leading handheld inspection software for 10 years.”

Actually the text on the PDAs can be just as large and sometimes even larger then on a laptop. The 4" PDAs with a 480x640 resolution screen are very easy to read and over the last 3 years I have not had ONE inspector say to me once I showed them the app on the bigger PDAs that it was too hard to read… EVER !! The only way to find out is to actually try it yourself.

Jeff Knight
Hudson, WI
Knights Software Solutions, Inc.
“Leading handheld inspection software for 10 years.”

I’m going to want to see the before pictures of your wrinkles and buck teeth in order to decide.

Some guys like blondes, some guys like brunettes, and the really daring guys like redheads. :stuck_out_tongue:

Jeff , you should let Brian have a free trial, and he can report back.:slight_smile:

There is a free trial of the software on our website that can be downloaded to any PocketPC. It has been there since day one. It will let you play with the interface and see what it looks like. It’s limitations are that it only lets you create a single inspection with it but all of its features are included. Brian would need to purchase a PocketPC with a 4" screen to try it on a PDA. Doubtful that would happen…I think he has already made up his mind that they suck.

Jeff Knight
Hudson, WI
Knights Software Solutions, Inc.
“Leading handheld inspection software for over 10 years.”

I like using my Pocket PC w/ Homeguage software when th client isn’t present, or I’m going back to the office to prepare the report. Merging info is easy. Otherwise I like the laptop to deliver onsite.

HomeGauge has a very readible user interface for the PDA or Smart Phone.

BTW, there is a button on the smart phone that will turn off incoming calls while working with the smartphone. We have many inspectors using the Pocket HG on their smart phone and love it. Another PDA to look at is the HP IPAC 211 and put 211 in the search.

Many features with the Pocket HG
you can see some screenshots of it here as well.

PDA’s still suck Jeff.

And I see that you sell some picture cd’s from Torn Feiza. I thought his name was Tom? :wink:

I am beginning to understand what “stand alone software” is.

Where have I heard that before?

How is that q1 doing Mike?
Are you using it all inspections? and are you delivering on site or later?

Q1 is great. Dom is making some changes this weekend to impove it.

I made the decision 3 years ago to NOT do onsite reports.

Works well for me I do electronic delivery within 24 hours. Haven’t heard a complaint yet. YMMV

Yeah 24 here too

Maybe the model I looked at was bad, as it was hard to see (dim ).

It also had Vista and took forever to boot

Floor models are often crappy as they get beaten down. Mike would be able to tell your better about it’s visibility. Boot time doesn’t really matter. You turn it on when you get there and you only put it to sleep (not off) when you aren’t using it. It will awake instantly.

My better is my wife. You’d better learn that quick before your fiance explains it to you.:wink:

Bob, Dominic is right I almost never turn it off. When you hit the “power switch” on top it goes to hibernate and comes back on very quickly when needed. If you leave it in that state it senses when the battery is to low and does an orderly shut down.

Screen brightness is good expect in extreme sunshine where you have to get out of direct sunlight to see it well. BTW-maybe the one you looked at didn’t have the brightness turn up. There is no direct control. You push a button on the side right and a side bar pops onto the screen.

I can see where it might be good and I have been looking hard at the Fujitsu lifebook ub810 however neither stisfies me as hving good enough of a processor, now that Dom has taught me what that is.

The life book has 5 hour battery.
The q 1 lack of keyboard bothers me as it would not handle a Dragon program.

Why wouldn’t it handle the Dragon program?

The life books are great but I like the smaller size of the Q1.
I have an enclosed clip board from rubbermaid that it fits in very nicely.

The lack of a keyboard hasn’t bothered me much. the test recognition is good and the on screen keyboard is good too. You can buy an external USB keyboard for the Q1 or any wireless keyboard with a USB dongle.

The life book I am talking about is smaller than the q1.(5 1/2 screen)

400 MGHZ would not handle Dragon.

Lifebook is the same problem, which is why I am waiting.

I may just get the new Sprint Instinct for my other chores, as I am needing something in the field for these Bank and Insurance photo jobs I am getting everyday.I need to upload from the field and check e-mail all day.

My Q1 is 1G Hz