Large checks/ splits at front porch posts

Did a New construction final inspection and found some front porch posts ( 8x8 ) Rough Cedar with large checks/ splits. Some of them appear to go all the way through. I recommended the builder evaluate and repair as necessary. This seems to be a common theme with these posts. This case is the worst I’ve seen. Any thoughts about the structural integrity of the posts?

Can you see to the other side through it ?

Checking is typical in large posts, just part of the drying out process.
What does “appear to go all the way through” mean?

I built a timber frame home a long time ago.
After all the work was done I returned in the fall to build the custom stairs.

It was chilly so I lit up the wood stove for the first time.
All day and into the evening the timbers were drying and going “POP” “POW” etc.
It was pretty cool and loud sometimes!

In a vertical application with light loading, as in your case I would recommend caulking the open gaps and leave it at that.

Why caulking?

To keep the water out so the wood does not expand and split more .
In cold areas it is worse when the water freezes .

The wood will continually expand and contract as conditions change, caulking or not.

If you don’t see light through it, it doesn’t go all the way through. It’s not comment worthy. No repair is needed. The only reason I might say anything at all is to assuage any concern the client may have.

Good info thanks ,

You couldn’t see daylight through it but one of them had the split on both sides in the same area from top to bottom. The builder just said it was normal. I tend to agree that there isn’t a structural deficiency, but it just seemed excessive in this case. Worth making the builder evaluate it.