Large wall cracks

These images are from a condo inspection today. The loser level is the garage, the unit inspected is above the garage, then another unit above. The images are all on the south wall. The interior walls are from the 2 adjacent bedrooms. the CMU are in the storage rooms in the garage on the south wall. I think there is a structural issue, and think they should have a SE take a look, but wanted to see what some of you guys think.

May not be structural.

Continuation of images

The exterior had this, with no issues found on the brick

Ok now it looks structural.
Is that the garage below in the second set of pics and tell more of the structure.
How old ?
Brick veneer or just CMU ?
How do the downspouts terminate.?
Is their cracking in the slab?

Looks like building may not be to old,(age please.)(appears in the picture they patched some cracking in the CMU previously.

Hmmm Something is moving there

I think you are both correct, but I was perplexed that none of the exterior brick is disturbed, no cracks, no repairs. Also, in the attic, I can see daylight from the south wall. I took a pic with no flash, here it is.

I don’t think duct tape will fix this one

dam, I will remove that recommendation from the report. LOL

No weeps and definite foundation issues.
Recommend structural engineer.

Bob, why would the brick not have any damage? I thought for sure I would see some issues.

I do not know age so I can guess tuck pointing.

One explanation may be because the brick is moving independent, since it is really just siding that sits on the foundation.

The former could explain where the moisture barrier went ,that should be seen at the brick/concrete intersection.

Just a guess though.

(on second look the mortar should show issues, so this is not new,is it) ?

Sounds reasonable. I didn’t see any tuck pointing. But, I agree that the veneer may be moving independently. Thanks for the help Condo Bob!! Will you be at the next NACHI meeting? I will be there.

would the mortor do that if it is not strong enough?

Judging from that repainted brown baseboard the place is 15 -20 years old min.
Am I right ?

If you mean the brick veneer mortar , I am sure it had a little plastic surgery.:slight_smile:

But that is not the real issue. issue is the foundation corner cracking

Built in 1983. The baseboard is actually that plastic stuff.

Happens fairly often, bricks etc above grade NOT cracked etc
See bricks above ground here,back corner

Same corner,below grade,below the driveway,see scraper in-crack

further down same corner

same corner,follow crack down to footing.There was also a horizontal crack at top of 1st block off footing along most of this wall

and as is most often the case there was NO problems/settling etc of footing as many want to sell piers etc based on false claims,misrepresenting the cause(s) or incompetence

Here`s what the INSIDE of basement wall looks like,NO visible cracks
Sometimes there will be 1 or more visible cracks and sometimes not.Sometimes there may be cracks/problems with drywall etc on 1st floor etc and sometimes not

Different house,corner-crack `n vertical crack on exterior of basement wall BELOW grade,below the driveway
Bricks,joints not-cracked above grade
No cracked or ‘dropped-settled footing’

Diff house,sometimes ya may see something like this or bigger/wider ABOVE grade
Whats going on BELOW grade,see other cracks and main cause of cracks and cause of basement seepage/leaks…underground root

So John what about most common cause in your opinion ?

John what is your opinion on why CMU cracked ,but not the exterior brick.

Do you have shots of the corner cracks being repaired ?

If brick veneer is not cracked, settlement may have completed its movement. Is framing corner rotted wood behind sheetrock when poked with your awl ?