Last One to Reply Wins II

What happened?
Closed out 'cause Larry won? :cowboy_hat_face:


Yahoo! Another long thread for someone to win. :grin:

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It was closed when the new MB came online.

I WIN!!!

I’m not playin’ childish games… :wink:

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Really? DUH

I was never informed or delivered a prise, yet?

Last One to Reply Wins. Hm… Let me say this about that. …Realistically speaking of course. Right, as if that would be the case. Ops. Just thinking aloud.
Members. In this situation. … Wouldn’t the last person to reply be the inventor making him or her the reciprocant to WIN the prize?

:thinking:Just food for thought. Enjoy the day.

That gibberish was just a ploy to try to win… :cowboy_hat_face:


STUPID as usual!

Carry on… :wink:

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Pretty funny!!!


You guys are truly bored… Yep!

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One week short of five years I’m, baaaack! Déjà vu

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What are you treating for up there?

Comprehensive home inspection, including mold assessment & termite inspection.
FL law states you have to leave notice of the inspection @ attic access or other accessible areas. Since I was also the termite inspector it was placed attic access.
Some goons enlarge the required notice so they can put in a coupon for services & then place it on the water heater or breaker panel.

It says date of inspection. Date of treatment, organism controlled, pesticide used is blank just an inspection.

I’m Winning! :grinning:

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