PICs of InterNACHI staff and members. Post your picture here.

Ron Huffman, InterNACHI Operations

Jesse Langer, InterNACHI’s Creative Director

Chloe Katz, InterNACHI’s Communications Department

Andy Moore, InterNACHI’s Social Media Marketing Designer and Illustrator

Paige Peters, InterNACHI’s Director of Business Development

InterNACHI Development

Front row, Ron Huffman, Ben Gromicko, Mack Weathers
Back row, Kate Tarasenko, Kenton Shepard, Chris Morrell, Nick Gromicko

Lisa Endza, InterNACHI’s Director of Communications


Rich Carlisle, InterNACHI’s Textbook Publishing.

I want to see some pics of everyone’s tattoos. POST PEOPLE!!

Post your pics here!

Paige, that is a good one of you.

Jeff Cohen, InterNACHI’s attorney and CPA


Picture of Nick…before he discovered beer and fast food. :shock:


If you would create a calendar called the “Girls of InterNACHI”… you would make a million dollars.
Then you could make a video of the calendar shoot as it was being developed… another million dollars.
Then a special day to meet and greet the Girls at the office in person… another million dollars.
Offer the calendar to all your new members and then watch ASHI and NAHI shut down the very next day…!


Another one of me.


If you can see my tats though my hairy arms.:shock: To see what the one in the 4th pic is visit here

Thats Hot

Tim Eaton, programmer, InterNACHI IT Department


how about a company flow chart?

Ben Gromicko, Education