Reminder: This Wednesday is Anniversary of Daily Door Prize. Many door prizes!

Don’t miss them. Be here Wednesday:

Reminder bump.

What time does Wednesday start? 12 midnight?

0001 Hrs ?

I know it is wed somwhere now, where is my prize? :smiley:

Unfortunately I have a big day of Inspections…So I will miss out…Although being busy with inspections is a good thing actually.

me, me, practicing again.

Me me me me me

O.K., I’m here. Where are the goodies!
Darn, I don’t ever win nothin’ :stuck_out_tongue:
Well looks like I’ll have to settle for good people instead of free prizes.:wink:

OK, First time let’s see what happens???:roll:

I’m here lets get it on before the coffee kicks in again.

Ok all… Have fun and good luck. I am off to my inspections this morning. Maybe I can get luck and make a hit on it in between them…:mrgreen:

Uh…let me see…yes…yeah…okay…

Nick said that the…uh…door prizes are being…uh…postponed…that’s it…postponed until this time, tomorrow.

Relax…enjoy your day away from your…uh…computer and…yes…come back tomorrow and …uh…there will be some…uh door prizes.

Really. I wouldn’t lie to you.:wink:

(You do know I am kidding, right???)

i guess we just keep saying me plz me just practicing

Thanks James. I will be back tomorrow when they post todays door prize.

Yea right!!!


You don’t trust me?:wink:

33 years ago an Air force requiter said those same words to me. Just kidding. I always trust you>

34 years ago for me…5 Sep 72.

What does MANY mean? Still waiting!

Tens of thousands, probably.:wink: