Latent Moisture

This was discovered after running the dishwasher. The diswasher is located behind the wall, and the moisture was not evident until I scanned it with the camera.




Good find Kevin! This is the WOW factor of our cameras!

Nice find Kevin :slight_smile:

Nice one, Kevin.

How about this one…

Was not a great day for IR with 65 - 70 outside temp - was pretty faint anomaly on the camera.

Moisture in the ceiling at the dryer vent pipe. After finding it in the ceiling, I double checked and moved insulation at the pipe in the attic to find it there. Insulation down at the ceiling was very wet to the touch but dry at the surface.

Problem turned out to be that they had not cut the roof underlayment when they stuck the pipe through. So there was moisture build up and caondensation around the pipe. Pipe was sealed with mastic on underside and black outside hood was not really visible underneath. So I would have not found this without the IR, as I don’t routinely dig around in the insulation.

AIIR0008 (Custom).jpg

AIIR0008 (Custom).jpg

AIIR0007 (Custom).jpg

Dryer Vent Moisture (1).jpg

Dryer Vent Moisture.jpg

Good one, Kevin

What IR camera are you using?


Mikron 7800

Am I seeing things, or is that either a “cup” or a bicycle seat attached to your moisture meter? :shock:

Kevin, are you talking to yourself again Kevin? :wink:

My own special invention…don’t use the cup anymore so…

I wondered if anyone would commen on that…

Actually, it is one of those hard plastic molded hand/wrist braces to immobilize my thumb for 6 weeks or so. Wife signed us up for softball and it was a bad night - getting old I guess. I guess it is not so bad, it will heal and I should be back on the golf course by summer. At least they didn’t put it in a permenant cast - that would have stunk - literally.

Gotcha! I hope it heals quickly. :slight_smile:

When I saw it in the picture I actually thought of whether or not it might make a better holder for the moisture meter than the scrapper/velcro setup I use now.