Laundry Chutes

What do others say if anything about laundry chutes?

This is one from today.

How does this sound?

Home laundry chutes may be less common than previously due to building codes or concern regarding fireblocking, the prevention of fire from spreading from floor-to-floor, as well as child safety.[ However, construction including cabinets, doors, lids, and (](“”)

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Danger Hazard Please repair Immediately .

Short and simple and to the point…:slight_smile:

Be more specific. Repair what?

Originally Posted by rcooke
Danger Hazard Please repair Immediately .

I see a lot who I feel say too much .
This method has worked well for me and my some for over 20 years .
My verbal explains it and the written report just backs it up and CRA . Covers Roys a ss ,
When I say this every one Laughs and they have got the message


Below is what goes into my reports when I see laundry chutes:

· Safety Issue, Repair: Laundry chute should be lined with a non-combustible material; its cover should be self closing and lockable to prevent child access and injury.

B-i-n-g-o !!!

Answer the question please. Your reply has no meaning or value to anyone except you.

What exactly needs repair? What exactly is deficient with clothing chutes?

Open stair ways are more dangerous than most laundry chutes IMHO.

Except for an open hole in the floor I would not even comment.

or an easily accessible chute in a house with young children, I would not comment. I believe they are overthinking the fire issue- fire/smoke travels up open stairways very quickly and there’s no code addressing that nor do HI’s mention that effect.

And that is where I was leading to. I only comment for the safety issue of small children playing and being inquisitive. Fire safety is a non issue.

I concur. considered safety concern for small children

I simply include this comment;

Laundry chutes can be dangerous, and if the residence is occupied by small children steps should be taken to ensure their safety and to prevent them from gaining access to the chute.

“Cmon” Jeff there are no laundry chutes is SCal, they either have the maid, butler or dry cleaner do the wash!!

Do you guys comment on attic doors that are accessible (walk or crawl through) to children?

No, because in Minnesota we place them where they are supposed to be. :roll:

I don’t get it.

What I’m saying is do those who fret over laundry chutes also call out attics that can be accessed by children (who could then fall through the ceiling and get killed or injured)?

Attic accesses are on the ceiling in our area.

How does a child get up there?

FREQUENTLY, the houses around here will have a small door (like on a bonus room wall) that you crawl through to access an attic space or a full size walk-through door, in a hall for example, leading to an attic space. Usually larger homes with complex roof designs.