Laundry outlet

I have had an inquiry from a homeowner. He states that the outlet in the laundry room has the gas dryer plugged into the outlet as well as the washer.

The breaker is tripping when both units are in use.

This seems to be a common set up with a gas dryer and washer at least in my area.

Would I be correct in assuming the Canadian Elec. Code does not require a split circuit in such an application? The house is approximately < 20 years.

I have told the homeowner to seek the services of electrician.

I also assume there could be a problem with the washer or dryer?

Thank you.

Raymond Wand
Alton, ON

Since rule 26-744(2)&(3) apply to electrical dryers and rule 26-710(e)(i), 26-720(b) do not require split receptical I would say yes it is allowed. But your also “allowed” to build a house with 2x3’s. Allowed but not good practice.

Hi Paul

Happy New Year.

Thanks I was interested in having confirmation of my opinion.


Raymond Wand
Alton, ON

I always find the gas dryer and the washer plugged into the same outlet, so I’m confused about the circuit tripping. Sounds like a problem not specifically related to where the appliances are getting their electricity, but how. Short in the appliance? Short in the wiring? Short at the panel?

Hi Russell

That was my thinking.


Raymond Wand
Alton, ON

There is also the chance that it is not the only thing on that circuit, lights, or something else. It could also be a 15 amp circuit or a very long run (distance from the pannel to the recepticle by the route the wire goes). None of which we as HI are quilified to state as the reason for sure & not possible to determin over the phone.

IMHO most likely a short in one or both of the appliances like the others have said.

hay Paul. i use 2x3 for all interior non-load bearing wall and save ALOT of loot in lumber. but i also use 4x4 corner posts with 2x4 jacks and 2x8 joist and rafters minimum.

For an interior non-load bearing wall, sure. I was refering to exterior load as well as exterior non-load bearing walls. You can still get the R-value required by adding even thicker ridged insulation. If your a builder and building 2x3 homes, your savings in material will be quickly lost by the reduction in price you will have to take in order to sell those homes when your competitors are building 2x4 homes minimum.