direct wired dryer

found this one yesterday, the clothes dryer was direct wired to the electrical panel, called it out that it should have an outlet installed near dryer with a proper cord. not only that but the pic shows how it was direct wired, not even in a junction box. also the washer was plugged into a modified extension cord that was stapled to the joists and plugged into an outlet ten feet away(second pic)

116ches 026.jpg

116ches 043.jpg

I’ve waited to see if someone would post on this, I know the no junction box is not good, but as far as the direct wiring of the dryer to the circuit breaker without an outlet, is this allowed or no, I guess I was just assuming not

The problem is in the listing. Dryers depend on the line plug for a disconnect. You might be able to say you can lock out the breaker in the panel but that is just “hold youir nose” legal. As a home inspector I would call it.

The fact that the connection was that ugly (no box etc) is a separate issue.

Most dryers are listed as cord-and-plug connected appliances. Therefore, no hard-wiring allowed.

Has anyone ever seen a dryer listed otherwise?

only in a commercial application, but i don’t think that applies here. and they were done right with a J box.

Ok, I called it out,was just second guessing myself when i knew I was right!?!?