Laundry Room Wiring

Please comment on this laundry room wiring…thanks.


I can’t tell what the material is…

Did you take the pic?

What is the material/conduit?

How do you see it?

I might recommend GFCI.
Will let others comment on the conduit.

Is the conduit rated? What does the back of the box look like? Recommend GFCI.

Looks like non-metallic flex conduit. Typically used for AC compressor wiring from the disconnect. Article 356 of the NEC covers this. I don’t think it meets the uses permitted in 356.10, but also don’t see it prohibited by 356.12.

Looks like the first strap is too far from the box too.

If the receptacle is within 6’ of a laundry tub it would require GFI under the 05 or later NEC.