Laundry room wood paneling

My laundry room has a wood paneled wall that starts about 3 feet off the floor and goes all the way up the ceiling. It also has a wood panel ceiling. Would you guys call this out because it isn’t fire rated? I’m in the process of redoing the space (since the washing machine was in front of the panel which required that I move the sump pit, oy, small issue mushrooming into something big). It’s only electric appliances in the room fortunately and the dryer is ducted appropriately.

You have to look up the appliance specs to see if they call for clearance to “combustible materials” Usually it applies to vents and appliances that get hot. It’s not ideal to have wooden panels in a laundry room, they will get wet and damaged.

I have never heard of doing that, Chris.

What makes you think it needs to be fire rated?


I think You are overthinking it…There should be no problem with wood paneling in that location.

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I agree Jim, nothing wrong with wood in a washroom. It’s not a shower. :wink:

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Nothing wrong with that if it is existing. We just can’t do that anymore.

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