Question About Main Panels vs Sub Panels

I have always understood that main electrical panels are no longer (if ever) allowed to be placed in a laundry room because of the high moisture content. What about the Sub-Panel? Wouldn’t the concern be the same?

I am not aware of any NEC provision that would disallow the main or the sub to be in a laundry room.
Bathrooms, clothes closets and over the steps of the stairs (except for landings) are the three locations that are no-no’s, but everything else is OK as far as I know.

The NEC doesn’t address “laundry rooms”, so the installation of any panelboard requires following the normal listing/labeling, including proximity to sinks, working clearances, etc.


It does not matter whether a panel is a “main” (service) or “sub” (distribution) panel. Any rule regarding location applies to both.

Right… sub or main (or, to name them properly, service panel or a remote distribution panel) may be located in any place other than over stairs, in a bathroom or in a clothes closet.
However, even in a permissible location, the clearances per 110.26 (A)(2) must be maintained. To illustrate that requirement, one must be able to put an empty refrigerator box in front of a breaker panel.
There are no other limitations that I know of.

I’m curious as to why a laundry room would have a high moisture content?

I’m curious where the proximity to sinks come into play. Nothing in Art. 408 about sinks…:wink:

Burst washer hose? :wink:

What about outside??? Lots of panels outside here and they are suceptible to moisture.

Certainly some basements, sheds and garages have a higher or equal degree of moisture than any laundry room and panels are permitted in those locations.

I was using that as an example of something obstructing the clear space, since the OP asked about “laundry rooms”.

Ok…was not clear;)

How about in a Boathouse. This panel was a little frosty.

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Thanks for the education ya’ll!