Panel in laundry room

Could have been worse…at least it wasn’t the washing machine I had to lean over to open the main panel.

Other than the obvious clearance issues, there’s no issues with the panel being located in a laundry room.

Don’t you just love removing panels while leaning against metal.

Nah…didn’t have any issues with it in the laundry room. Just having to clear out of the way every cleaning agent put out on the market and bending over the dryer.


It is always a good idea to install cabinets around the panel , Just looks neater.I had one i could not find, Till we emptied the kitchen cabinet and removed a wood cover over the panel . Everyone thought it was no problem .

Well…just to throw this in…in a far extreme case we see laundry rooms that have a linen storage or towel storage shelf or area right next to the panel we need to understand that is says “such as cloth closets” but does not limit it to that type of location as that is just an example of a possible location.

**[FONT=Times New Roman][size=2]240.24(D) Not in Vicinity of Easily Ignitible Material. **[/size][/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman][size=2]Overcurrent
devices shall not be located in the vicinity of easily
ignitible material, such as in clothes closets.