Lawn Sprinkler System Inspection Training

I am trying to find some good training on lawn sprinkler systems. Have any suggestions? I did some searches but did not come up with anything. Thanks!

If you find anything good please let us know.

Me too!

Suggest further professional evaluation by a certified/licensed sprinkler company. You need equipment, and it will take some time. There are dozens of types also. Leave it to the pros. Too much can go wrong with the systems.

Try installing one at your house, half drip irrigation, half sprinklers, after about 50 trips to Home Depot you will have learned just about everything there is to know…!!!

Dale, that sounds like the voice of experience. :slight_smile:


Does Intenachi have a Lawn Irrigtions course? I searched but could not find any nfo.

Glenn Jacson

Nachi TV had a brief video on it. Sprinklers just are not that complicated. When they do not work just refer them to a sprinkler company.
Check pump,
check controls,
check valves
check heads and coverage
check sensors.

At the risk of sounding like one of my own posts skewering over-insistent posters… it’s called “landscape irrigation systems”, as opposed to “fire suppression systems”. One’s inside, one’s outside. “Sprinklers”… you can form our own mental image.