Exterior copper piping

My friends are in the house flipping business and made this modification. They have tapped off the main supply for the sprinklers using the attached pipe. Why does this just look wrong to me?

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I would say missing backflow protection for hose bibb.

1/2" in and 3/4" to the house? Needs a backflo preventer as mentioned before.

Back flow valve could be in a different location

I think it looks weird because of lack of support. One does not see piping installed in this manner.


Can copper be buried?

Generally Joe, copper in it’s raw form comes right out of tthe ground.:wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Copper piping can be burried here Joe.:slight_smile:

½" supply to the lawn sprinklers won’t deliver much flow, depending on the number of heads per zone.

The pipe to the sprinklers should have an anti-siphon valve somewhere between the lawn and the house water system. That hose bib should also have a back flow prevention device.

Copper is fine to be buried, and is the type of incoming supply pipe for many homes.

They claim the sprinkler heads have backflow protection.

Wrong end of the system for protection.

That’s what I told them. They are having some trouble in their new venture. They’re taking a few shortcuts to say the least.