Layers of roof

Would like to hear what other inspectors have to say about this.

Metal roof nailed (or screwed) to wood shake or wood shingles? If that’s what I’m seeing, the fasteners can’t be expected to hold during high winds. Many probably hit the gaps in-between.

They are wood shakes under metal. Overall the metal roof is in good condition and has a good appearance but underneath are wood shakes. Can only note it,it’s not an insurance inspection but can’t help but wonder what an insurance co thinks about such as this.

Is this off a back of garage, patio enclosure?

No roof drainage, do you have a picture from a distance to see what the roof covering is attached to?

Seems like a hack job but I would like some more info.

View from the side of home

Thanks Wayne

I am no metal roof expert but there seems to be some issues like lack of roof drainage, what about ventilation? Like others said suspect to blow offs, how is it fastened? Seems like a cover up.

I think it is a post hurricane charley roof job. We see alot of this in the area because after the storm there were a shortage of contractors and materials. I think ventilation is an issue as well as wind. An insurance company might take issue with it at some point but until then not much you can really do but make a determination of what,where, why and who. I appreciate all who comment and share expertise and advice.

I can tell you what Firestone building products university school instructor stated first hand to never install metal over any other roof covering period. Not only is there no proper way to attach to the wood shingles the metal moves and scratches the paint off on the back side and the metal will start to rust

Thats good info, Thanks

Unconventional at best, needs a roofer.

Up to 1/8" per foot. The longer the run, the more movement.

It’s probably a functional system, while not being a desired or approved system.
1 - Even though the eves show tongue and groove decking, the roof is probably actually on perlings. That gives it a very low uplift rating.
2 - The maximum allowable layers of roofing, according to the FBC, is two. When the time comes to replace this roofing system, both layers will need to be removed which will add to the cost.
Otherwise, no leaks, no issues.

Thanks Reece

Wayne post pics here.

I think Charlie nailed it.

Replace it. It is not an approved application. It may be functional as someone mentioned above, for now, but what happens when another strong storm pulls thought. Don’t you guys have permits in that part of the country?

I would recommend a flashing detail.
Wind blown weather infultraction can be an issue at the eave and rakered edges.
I see wood rot.
Check for screew lift. The wood will swell when moist or high in RH.

Wayne -

I’d guess you’re just teasing these boys cause as we all KNOW, you DO NOT go over wood shake with another roofing. At that point most other comments were cute but 2nd place.

Sample lanuage

In our opinion, the roof covering appears improperly installed due to the following reason (a metal roof installed over wood shake).

Besides the fact this can place more weight on the roof structure than what it was originally designed for; this type of installation is normally not allowed by most building codes, nor insurance companies. We recommend tearing off all roof coverings and replacing the roof and decking as needed.

We recommend having a licensed and competent roofing contractor read the report; review the roofing system, its accessories and their conditions; and then service, repair, or replace any deficiencies or unreliable conditions as needed to properly correct them.

We also recommend that you verify insurability and acceptability of the roofing with your insurance company, local code authority and lender prior to closing escrow.

Good point Dan.
Caught me with my pants down. Opps.
I can not even wiggel out of that one.

Hi Dan,

You have a good point. Florida building code does allow two layers, maybe they did not intend these type of layers together. Maybe the insurance co has not even put an eyeball on it or if they did maybe the insurance inspector did not care or did not see it? It’s not leaking and it’s an old house so maybe the premiums reflect that. In this area people can get away with things that are out of this world. Stay tuned I may post another picture soon!

Wayne -

IRC does not allow ANYTHING over wood shake. Comp maybe BUT wood shake NO. Suggest you fully verify that.