lead testing

Does anyone do lead testing

I signed up for an EPA certified lead inspector class and I was doing some research today. According to the HUD lead testing Guidelines you should only use an XRF analyzer. They are like 300 dollars a day to rent and 3000 and up to rent for the month. How can anyone make a profit on that? Any input would be helpful because I am about to cancel this class

I was a licensed (Illinois) Lead Inspector and Risk Assessor back in the 90’s. We did over $90 million worth of lead remediation in the Chicago Public Schools. I don’t think you’ll make any money doing it as an ancillary service. All the money and work is in the public housing sector (HUD/FHA) and contractors have been in place for years working that angle. There are a couple XRF analyzers on Ebay to get you started.

Hmmm. Thanks.

I just finished a round of them for the consulting firm I work for. We do paint chip samples because we don’t do them often enough to merit buying or leasing a gun. PIA those samples…
I have only been asked twice in two years to do them for buyers…one was commercial. As an add on to HI I don’t think it’s in the cards for me. Were I to get into lead testing I’d shoot for full time and nothing but lead…no HI’s. Two different marketing angles as far as I can see…

WOW that was my 1000’th post!

congrats on the 1000th post. I guess I need to rethink the lead testing. Thanks guys

How about these? They are advertised as
Note: LeadCheck is the only EPA recognized Rapid Lead detection product on the market.

Check your state EPA laws b4 diving into this cesspool.

In residential I can’t imagine having the demand for it. Most people just assume they have it if the house is older than '78. The assumption may be wrong, but not a foolish one. I guess if you expect the worst everything better is a pleasant surprise.

The problem with lead testing is that people just do not seem concerned about it. It is unlike mold, were a person will usually get chronic symptoms before they get sick. Lead is more of a silent killer of the children of this country.

Hmmm. I didn’t think about that. Excellent point.

In RI HI’s ar enot state rgulated/licensed. Lead inspectors are. The going rate for a lead inspection is like $50, tons of folks just doing them for rental property HUD requirementts etc…I have not offered lead testing. I figure $50 minus the lab fee how much can you make?

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$50??? Thats cheap

Yup, my father is a property maint super, thats what they pay for the test where they whipe a certain area with what looks like a wet nap and test for lead dust… it does only take the teck like 5 mins, but considering you need appointments and drive time what can they really make on them?

Again, I never bothered to look into it.

Radon lab fees and shipping are like $28 and I charge $150 ($100 in conjunction with other inspection).

Mold lab fee is like $45 per sample and $20 to ship the batch and I bill $150 per air sample.

I can’t compete price wise with lead it isnt worth my time to do it.

Yeah…Ill continue to look it into but just seems like its not really worth it

Your area may be different, who knows. Up here its an easy test, low skill level required, all you need is to pay the state fee, take the state class, and have a car…

For many years, XRF was the only accepted means of Lead Testing for Real Estate Transfer.

Those that provided the Service, required a PA License as well as a Radiologic License…

The Fed Changed that…
swab / swipes…
and training to do that (you have to be kidding)
became the national rage…

Now anyone can do a swab test…
and the Consumer is left (in PA)
with a lesser than sense
of False Security…

Pure Example
of how …
when the Fed gets involved,
the Standard of Care / Expectation…
at the expense of Expediency / Revenue…

What lab is charging you this? That is very high!

I think the sample cartidge is like $5, the lab fee is $30 and shipping via fed ex is like $20 for the lot of samples. so to send 2 samples comes out to 45 ea

In the state of Iowa as Licensed Lead Paint Risk Assessor I can not use these swabs. But I need to take paint chips or wipes