Lead testing

God a call form a Realtor that asked about Lead paint testing. The brochures I have seen to get EPA certified in this department were THICK, which is which is why I have not perused this. (and this is the first time call for this)

Anyone have information on this? who can I call/refer?

Check out the USEPA region 5 site or give them a call and they can point you in the right direction. Testing should be done with XRF equipment which is expensive and the simple tests are not accurate. Here’s more infoon testing.

You should check with your local or county health department. In Wisconsin, the Department of Health and Family Services are the Credentialing Authority for Lead Testing.

Using the ARF machine is the most accurate for checking the overall lead levels. However, for clearence testing for abatement projects and spot checking, ghost wipes and pain chip sampling is just fine. The most important thing to look for is loose, peeling, chipping paint. That’s what gets injested and can be EXTREMELY harmul especially to children under the age of 6.

There are also new rulesthat will be going into effect next year (2010) that requires a Lead Abatement Supervisor to be on-site for ANY abatement projects. That means even the owner of the dwelling cannot perform the work on target housing without the proper credentials. There is a brochure available on-linefrom the EPA that simplifies the rules. It sounds like the new president is proposing Lead Abatement Activities as part of his Stimulus Package.

Thanks Greg, I did just that. He was helpful.

In Pennsylvania a one week class will certify you to inspect and risk assess. You need this to send samples for testing at labs. My non profit pays $450. for clearance testing of every job that uses federal funds that contains deteriorated paint (built before 1976) Risk assessment and treatment recommendations are more like $750.