Why doesn’t this leak. No stains on the ceiling below this flashing boot.

Maybe it hasn’t rained. :mrgreen:

Good one Marcel lol.
Just like the lady asking the fireman why did you Axe my 1000 dollar door it was unlocked.

Good morning Wayne.

Yep, ain’t that the truth. They just love to use the axe. :slight_smile:

Yep I seen it a couple times. And same at car accidents , When i took heavy hydraulics for auto rescue the instructor put us in a wreck and turn the others loose . It was pretty scary watching a Axe coming at a window lol. then he walk over and open the good door . Ah the good old days

It has rained 9 inches this month!! Swinging a axe breaking glass is fun.

Only if you are on the swinging end lol
There was no sign of leakage around the pipe inside?

Damn Buck…are all these screwed up pictures and recent posts from the same “Shack”—:shock:

Gas lines, dryer vent, boot flashing, etc-----:roll:

If they are, I bet you’re still doing the report----:D–:shock:

The simply answer is, that it probably has been leaking. I do not know if you looked at the same vent pipe while inside the attic. Most often if you move the insulation aside you will see exactly where the water has been going. The water runs down the stack pipe and into the interior of the interior wall that encloses the pipe. Those smaller plumbing vents more of than not are concealed inside an interior wall and go to a bathroom. Occasionally, if the water gets onto the ceiling drywall you will find the stains but many times it just runs down the pipe and remains hidden inside the walls behind tubs, showers, etc. Most kitchens have a similar vent stack hidden inside an outside or load bearing wall near the sink. I have some photos of a recent inspection by another inspector that missed this and they called me in to look for why there was a stain that showed up on a bathroom ceiling.

Two bathrooms with dry rotted roof jack collars, both leaked into the baths below, only recently started bleeding through on the two ceilings. Both were wet to the touch when I got into the attic. Seller tried to smear some gritty painters caulk on one of the collars. The other only had a small split in the neoprene collar but was leaking the worst of the two.

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It was a copper pipe. Heavy staining at the sheathing. Nothing on the sheet rock. The insulation just a little damp.

I see that it is copper now. Didn’t look that close. Rarely see copper drains here, mostly either PVC or cast iron. If any water runs past the hole in the double top plate inside the wall you normally won’t see it. If you run across this in the future look around for water stains around the baseboards, carpet up against the wall. I got some photos of the lead collars that have been chewed right down to the roof by squirrels that leaked like a sieve but not one ceiling stain.

its a miracle!!!